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I'm trying to get back into the swing of things, fanfiction wise. Feel free to leave comments, constructive critisms and questions in my ask box, or if I've missed a typo, etc. I plan on writing a lot of atla and lok stuff, but I might dabble in some other fandoms. ;)

16th September 2012


Hey! Long time, no post!

So I know what y’all must be thinking, “Why hasn’t this loser face posted in ages??” Well, dear followers and other people who see this, it’s called college classes starting up again. Yay! Tumblr excuse of the masses! Point is, I’m really sorry about my dropping the ball on this and I’m going to get stuff done soon. If y’all feel like dropping some fic ideas in my ask or comments, that would be cool. :D

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1st September 2012

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The Best of a Bad Situation

Mini-fic for the 30 days of Broh thingy :)

1. Beginning

Rating: T? Maybe less?

Word count: 510

Summary: From the last episode of book 1 when Iroh and Bolin are tied up together

            Bolin woke up groggy and hurt and also he soon realized, tied up. He seemed to be tied up with General Iroh in a cell. Asami was a few feet away, still knocked out. At least that solved the “fence posts, but no fence” riddle Bolin thought sarcastically. What the hell are we going to do now? Bolin began looking around as much as the ropes would let him. He didn’t see anything particularly helpful. He settled on staring at the ground and hoping somebody would come to soon. Bolin was slightly happy that he was tied up with Iroh. From the moment he first saw the guy, he was attracted to him. Typically, Bolin was more prone to appreciate the female form, but Iroh was very much an exception. Despite the fact that when Bolin first saw him he looked like hell; bloodied up, bandaged, and clothes ripped in places, he couldn’t help but stare at the General’s handsome face. His golden eyes were so full of strength and intelligence, Bolin found it hard to look away when Iroh caught his gaze.

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25th August 2012

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Away from it All

Rating: M

Pairing: Broh

Word Count: 1,710

Summary: Iroh and Bolin finally get some time together and they decide to go on a mini-vacation. Iroh makes a promise to Bolin, but it is soon forgotten (for the moment) in light of how long it has been since they’ve been together. This is the first part of a two part story.

            Iroh and Bolin had been waiting for a weekend to get away from it all for ages. Iroh had been stuck on his ship for months, only being able to see Bolin on the rare occasion that he had business to do in Republic City. Bolin had been just as swamped with finding and then training the new recruits for the Fire Ferrets. They were both ready to relieve some stress and to just be alone together for longer than an hour or two. When they were discussing where to go, neither could agree on a place at first. Bolin thought it would be a good idea to go to a spa/ resort type of deal. His muscles were dying from all of the training he had been doing and it would give them a swanky hotel room to be alone together in. Iroh wanted to go to his family’s home on Ember Island. It would be nice to get some air and sun after being stuck on a boat for so long. Finally they decided to just go camping. They would be able to get away from everyone, Iroh would get his fresh air, and he also promised to give Bolin a massage just as good as the one he would have gotten at the spa.

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22nd August 2012

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A Dream or a Nightmare?

Rating: M

Pairing: Borra

Word count: 2,557

Summary: Korra is still having nightmare about Amon, even after his disappearance. Mako isn’t there to keep them away because he works the night shift at the station. Bolin suggests that Korra sleeps with him in order to let her get some sleep, and everyone thinks it will be innocent enough…

Note: If you’ve read my other Borra story, just making sure to point out this is in a different story line. The other one will be continued, but not here. :D Enjoy!

            Bolin was lying in his bed when he heard the screams coming from Korra’s room. Even though his instincts were telling him to run and go check on her, he knew that she was only having nightmares again. Even though it seemed that Amon had disappeared, the nightmares were still plaguing her quite often. It didn’t help that Mako was gone so often at night, but that was all a part of the job. Criminals didn’t tend to break the law in the middle of the day. Still, Bolin couldn’t help the pangs of pain whenever he heard Korra screaming. He had run into Mako’s room a few times when she first started staying over, but he decided it wasn’t the best idea. He would wake her up and once she came to, she would look up at him with fear, embarrassment, and something else he couldn’t decipher in her eyes. She didn’t seem to want to talk about it and she would always seem a little worse off in the morning. So Bolin decided to let her deal with it in her own way and tried not panic whenever the screaming started.

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20th August 2012


Hello! :)

I just wanted to take a chance to say hello to my followers and to say thanks to everybody for being so nice! :D I wasn’t expecting this to be so pleasant and happy-making!

Also, I have a couple of pieces that I’m working on, they should be up by Wednesday, if not before then. ^_^

Have a great night!….day…morning….whenever you’re reading this ;D

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16th August 2012

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Handing over the Reins

Rating: M

Pairing: Broh

Word count: 1,982

Summary: Iroh is usually the “take charge” person in his relationship with Bolin, but Bolin wants to experiment with changing the order of command up.

            Iroh and Bolin were lying in bed, deliriously tired after a particularly intense love making session. They were in the General’s quarters on his ship. Every time a night ended with the two of them together, it ended at Iroh’s place, in Iroh’s bed.  All was quiet until Bolin propped his head up into his hand and stared at Iroh.

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15th August 2012


I’m trying to write some quality Broh smut, but I’m getting distracted by Sabrina, the Teenage Witch.…is a thing I never though I would say. XD Hopefully I’ll get it finished sometime before sunrise.

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14th August 2012

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A Silent Challenge

Rating: M

Pairing: Maiko 3:)

Word Count: 1,174

Summary: Mai has been particularly bored with life at the palace of late. Zuko notices that she seems even less expressive than normal and is determined  to change it. Which is, of course, all a part of Mai’s plan.

                        Mai and Zuko were lounging in their bedroom, trying to enjoy the rare free time. Zuko had been so busy with his new-found duties as Fire Lord that it didn’t leave as much time for their relationship. This left Mai in her usual state of boredom. Sure, there were courtly things she could do, pointless meetings she could attend, but she just assumed be bored in the comfort of their room or in the training area throwing knives. Zuko stared at her face; he knew something wasn’t quite right. Not that he could tell by her expression, she was just as stoic as ever. That was just the problem though; she would usually let her guard down enough to smile around him. Not today. He got up from the chair he had been reclining in and went to the bed where Mai was laying, staring at the ceiling.

            “Are you okay? You’re seeming extra…..blah today.” Zuko stared down at her with concern in his eyes, but Mai kept her eyes fixed on the area above her head.

            “I’m ‘blah’ everyday, Zuko. Why should today be any different?” She sighed and rolled over towards Zuko. Even though she was unhappy that she didn’t get to be with him very often, she wasn’t actually mad at him. She knew it was part of being Fire Lord. That didn’t mean she wasn’t upset though. Hence, her stoic face. He smirked. Turning towards him was a good sign.

            “You’re not blah with me though, especially not when we’re alone.” He lifted an eyebrow and smiled, wrapping an arm around her waist. Mai’s face didn’t change, but she snuggled closer to him.

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14th August 2012

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Just a little relaxation.

Rating: M

Pairing: Borra ;)

Word count: 1,548

Summary: Korra drops by Bolin’s apartment (slight AU in which Bolin lives on his own and Korra and he never went on a date) and finds Bolin in the tub. Everything starts out jokingly…

            Korra let herself into Bolin’s apartment, using the key he kept under the doormat. Not the best hiding place, but Bolin was trusting like that. Not to mention that he could probably handle any intruder, he was one of the “fabulous bending brothers” after all. Now, he was even the captain.  Korra chuckled as she thought, “Fangirls wouldn’t pose much of a threat anyway. They’d just throw themselves at Bolin and probably faint.” Even though she and Bolin were just friends, that didn’t mean she didn’t notice how built he was, how his shirts always fit so snugly against his chest, how his muscles….She shook herself and called out for Bolin. “Bo, where are you? I was bored and thought I would stop by.” She heard Bolin’s voice calling out and started following it.
            “Oh, hey Korra! Do you think you could wait a minu…GAH!” Bolin jumped as Korra opened the door to his bathroom. He was sitting in his bathtub and quickly moved his hands to cover himself.

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14th August 2012

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After Zuko’s Visit…

Rating: M
Word Count: 1,812
Pairing: Sukka!
Summary: Suki and Sokka enjoy their night together, once Zuko decides to leave the scene. Concerns about alerting the rest of the camp to their….activities.

Yes,I’m bad at titles.XD


       Once Zuko stopped staring at Sokka’s tent, I crept out from behind the rocks nearby. Sokka’s face had peeked out from the fabric of the tent and was calling my name again. “Sukiiiii, where’d you go?” I giggled lightly as I crept into his field of vision. His face lit up with a bright smile before he scrambled back inside his tent. I was confused, but crouched into the door way.  He was putting a rose between his teeth when I came in, grinning and trying to get into a lounging position. I laughed and questioned him, “Is this how you’re planning on seducing me?” Despite my sarcasm, it was exhilarating to see Sokka like this. His hair was falling along the side of his face and the collar of his shirt had fallen open to show his lean, muscular chest. Not to mention that lounging like that made his legs look even better than usual; being pants-less may have also helped. While I was busy admiring his sexiness, his smile seemed to fade.

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